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No. Link Summer
School Name Class Location
1 http://www.abclanguages.force9.co.uk    ABC Language Training  ESL  Cambridge
2 http://www.abcol.ac.uk    Aberdeen College  Undergraduate
3 http://www.central-london-english.co.uk    Academy International  ESL  london central
4 http://www.accent.guernsey.net    Accent Multilingual Services  ESL  Guernsey
5 http://www.active-learning.co.uk    Active Learning School of English  ESL  london west
6 http://www.aep-london.co.uk    AEP Academy English Programmes  ESL  london west
7 http://www.albionschools.co.uk    Albion International Education  ESL  Oxford
8 http://www.acs-england.co.uk/    American Community School  ESL
9 http://www.apu.ac.uk/    Anglia Polytechnic University  Undergraduate
10 http://www.apu.ac.uk/efl/    Anglia Polytechnic University (APU)  ESL  Cambridge
11 http://www.anglianschool.co.uk    Anglian School of English  ESL  Margate
12 http://www.anglolang.com    Anglolang Academy of English  ESL  Scarborough
13 http://www.anglolang.com    Aspect ILA Westbourne College  ESL  Scarborough
14 http://www.barnet.ac.uk    Barnet College  GCSE
 A Level
 london north west
15 http://www.basilpaterson.co.uk    Basil Paterson Edinburgh  ESL  Edinburgh
16 http://www.bathschoolenglish.co.uk    Bath School of English  ESL  Bath
17 http://www.beaconhurst.com    Beaconhurst Grange  ESL
18 http://www.ittc.co.uk    BEET - International Teaching and Training Centre  ESL  Bournemouth
19 http://www.bell-centres.com    Bell Cambridge  ESL  Cambridge
20 http://www.bell-centres.com    Bell London  ESL  london central
21 http://www.bell-centres.com    Bell Norwich  ESL  Norwich
22 http://www.atlasenglish.co.uk    Bell Saffron Walden  ESL  Oxford
23 http://www.avalonschool.co.uk    Bell Young Learners  ESL  london central
24 http://www.bidbury.co.uk    Bidbury Greywalls  ESL  Petersfield
25 http://www.alelas.ezhoster.com    Blue Pathway  ESL  Llanelli
26 http://www.bbsi.co.uk    Bournemouth Business School International  ESL  Bournemouth
27 http://www.bilc.co.uk    Bournemouth International Language College  ESL  Bournemouth
28 http://www.bischool.com    Bournemouth International School  ESL  Bournemouth
29 http://www.bilk.ac.uk    Bradford College English Language Centre  ESL  Bradford
30 http://www.british-study.com    British Study Centres Brighton  ESL  Brighton
31 http://www.british-study.com    British Study Centres London  ESL  london central
32 http://www.british-study.com    British Study Centres Oxford  ESL  Oxford
33 http://www.brooklands.ac.uk/international    Brooklands College  ESL  Weybridge
34 http://www.broxtowe.ac.uk    Broxtowe College  ESL  Nottingham
35 http://www.buckswood.co.uk    Buckswood School  A Level
36 http://www.burgesshill-school.com    Burgess Hill School for Girls  ESL  Burgess Hill
37 http://www.byronschool.com    Byron School Cambridge  ESL  Cambridge
38 http://www.cambridgeacademy.co.uk    Cambridge Academy of English  ESL  Cambridge
39 http://www.cces.com    Cambridge Centre for English Studies  ESL  Cambridge
40 http://www.clac.org.uk    Cambridge Language and Activity Courses  ESL  Cambridge
41 http://www.bracknell.ac.uk    Cambridge School of Languages  ESL  Bracknell
42 http://www.camdencollege.com    Camden College of English  ESL  london north west
43 http://www.canning.co.uk    Canning Bath  ESL  Bath
44 http://www.canning.co.uk    Canning London  ESL  london central
45 http://www.cant.ac.uk    Canterbury Christ Church College of Higher Education  ESL  Canterbury
46 http://www.bricoltech.ac.uk    Canterbury Christ Church University College  ESL  Brighton
47 http://www.clt.com    Canterbury Language Training  ESL  Canterbury
48 http://www.cf.ac.uk/uwc/elsis/    Cardiff University, English Language Service  ESL  Cardiff
49 http://www.british-study.com    Carl Duisberg Language Centre  ESL  Brighton
50 http://www.cdclanguages.co.uk    Carl Duisberg Language Centre, Canterbury  ESL  Canterbury
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