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Projects are never too large or too small for our talented team which offers superb services. However, our focus is on the design of small and medium-sized websites ranging from one page to one thousand-pages. We offer customized services, including photography for your sites and in-depth discussion of website structure and content.

We offer service packages to eliminate your concern over pricing. For £300, you'll have a website just like the Oban Hotel.Each website will be designed and implemented according to each customer's personalized requirements.

This service package includes the following service items:

1. Design of customised websites of up to 20 html pages.

2. All webpages have the same structure.

3. Design of one logo according to your requirements, excluding Flash designs, which can be provided for an additional fee.

4. The following services will be offered free of charge (valued at £135):

  • A domain name with .com, .net, or org. suffix (including 2 years' maintenance, valued at £25);

  • 100 MB web space (including 2 years hosting fee, valued at£90); ;

  • Content modification for a period of two years (valued at £20).

    5. If you are based in London (zone 1-4) we'll visit you to discuss your website design.
  • Turn-key services are also available. Tell us your requirements and sit back, we'll look after the whole process of domain name application, website design, website launch and maintenance.

    Domain Name (Searching for domain name)

    Looking for a business or personal domain name? Well look no further because We can supply you with domain names at very competitive prices, please feel free to use the domain search as you require to see if your desired name is still available.

    Type Cost Period
    .com £25 2 years
    .net £25 2 years
    .info £25 2 years
    .org £25 2 years
    .biz £25 2 years
    .co.uk £15 2 years


    We provide enterprise-class Internet services including domain name resolution and hosting. Our servers are fast and steady. They are also very reliable. This enables us to offer you a quality hosting service, so if you already have a website that needs hosting or even a web designer that needs to host multiple sites, please take a look at our very competitive packages below.

    Package One

    100MB Webspace. 5x25 MB email accounts, suitable for small and medium firms. Low price and high system stability.

    Price: £90/2 years

    Package Two (small database)

    100MB Webspace, 10 x 50MB email accounts, supporting ASP, ACCESS, based on windows

    Price: £190/2 years

    Package Three (large database)

    Total size 350MB including 150MB Webspace, 20 x 100MB email accounts, 50MB database, 50MB log, WIN2000, ASP and SqlServer2000 support

    Price £240/1 year

    Site Promotion

    We promote every website we design. The three main points in site promotion are as follows:

    1. Site Optimisation - Every website we design and build at UKSchool is automatically optimised for the web no matter how much the site costs. Optimisation is the term we use to describe the process by which we ensure you achieve a high search engine ranking.

    2. Search Engine Submission - This too is a free and inclusive service if we design and build your website. Firstly we spend time studying your potential competitors and their methods of achieving their ranking and then using some of that information along with our own to manually submit your fully optimised site to many search engines and directories. This is particularly time-consuming to execute correctly but there are no "short cuts" in achieving a successful search engine ranking.

    In addition, our Chinese portal http://www.londoneye.com.cn (sever in China) and http://www.uk-eye.co.uk (sever in the UK) with 2,000,000 page views is growing to be one of the best websites providing information about Britain to Chinese tourists and students.

    In February 2005, the UK became an official destination for tourists from mainland China. It is estimated about 700,000 tourists from China visit the UK each year, bringing great business opportunities to the British travel and hospitality industries.

    Don't miss these opportunities. Visit our UK Eye website and make yourself known to those Chinese tourists and students who are becoming increasingly wealthy. We are at your service.

    Ad pricing

  • Top banner: 468*60 pix, £100 per week (£50 surcharge for Flash)

  • Ad on second-tier pages for cities: £30 per week (text and hyperlink)

  • Ad of tourist sites: £200 per year (appears on related pages to the tourist site)
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