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We are a team of Web talents mainly from Britain and China, most of whom hold MBAs and master's or doctor's degrees in computer science. Their dedication to hard work ensures an excellent service for our customers.

Over the past four years, we have been committed to Web design and making. We have designed http://www.eurofo.com, a large B2B building materials website sponsored by French Eurofo International Group. The site has now grown to be a great online destination for 460,000 registered building material suppliers and purchasers! Iii china.net is a China-based industry information provider, it is also on the list of our larger projects.

In addition to Web design, we have explored other service areas in Britain. To meet the needs of Chinese tourists, we created a Chinese-language tourist website named "London Eye", providing information and services regarding people and life in the UK. Through 5,000 pictures and a great number of articles, "London Eye" provides Chinese tourists with detailed information about the history, location, transport, contact means, tour budget and sightseeing tips regarding major tourist spots in the UK. In a short period, the website attracted over 1,00,000 online visits. Intended to be the number one portal to Britain for Chinese tourists, "London Eye" is growing to be the largest Chinese-language website in UK tourism. Visit our website and make yourselves known to the Chinese visitors through us. Our competitive rates and efficiency will help increase your exposure to potentially an enormous market in a short space of time.

In conclusion, our latest site Londoneyeschools is the first Chinese search engine for UK schools. This site is to come online in early January 2004, and at this moment in time is proving to be extremly popular. You can view this site demonstration at:


To visit our company website at: http://www.conceptonlinegb.co..uk

To contact us, please use the following E-Mail addresses:


For general enquires:

For technical support:

For content adjustment and translation:


Mr. Reg Jenkins

15 Cambridge Road, Eastbourne
East Sussex, BN22 7BS
Tel: +0044 01323 732599


Mr. John Chang

134 The Sandlings,Pelham Road
London N22 6XR

Shanghai, China

Mr. Henry Xiong

Room 1306, 500 Yan'andonglu Road,
Shanghai 200001, China
Tel: +0086 (0)21 33041039

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